The Trust 'Educating Kenyan Orphans' (EKO) aims to help the growing number of orphans and impoverished children in Kenya.

EKO hopes to support existing schools and, in the future, to fund the building of a school in Kenya.

The charity will fund the education of as many children as possible and to help where it can with the financial support of the teachers in Kenya.

The Trustees:

Grace Fay
Founder and Fundraiser

Grant Fay

Melanie Moulding

Alan Moulding

Ruth Mallon

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Educating Kenyan Orphans /EKO/

Have you some sunglasses you don’t want anymore?

Daniel Omeno is an Albino Kenyan student supported by the charity Educating Kenyan Orphans to complete his secondary education. Daniel is now thirty years of age and is trying to help other Albino Africans.

Daniel has asked the charity if we can find good sunglasses that will protect the sensitive eyes of the people suffering from Albinisms. The glasses must protect the people from ultra violet light, so cheap glasses would be of no use.

If anyone has just bought new sunglasses and your old ones are sitting a in a draw please either send them to the address above or just send them straight to Daniel at:

  Daniel Omeno
  C/O Loveshack kenya,
  P.O Box 377-00202 KNH

Please state the name of the charity (Educating Kenyan Orphans) and the (Registered Charity No: 1116972), otherwise the customs may try to make Daniel pay duty on the sunglasses. Please do not ignore this request!


Due to the horror of the famine in East Africa which is causing great suffering in Kenya as well as in Somalia, the charity has sent  £2000.00 and with a further £2000.00  Grant and Grace raised in Kenya, food was bought in  Nairobi to take to Turkana in the north west of Kenya .

The charity managed to persuade the department responsible for helping victims of famine in the Kenyan government for the loan of an army lorry. This loan allowed Grant Fay, to  take the food to Turkana. The good thing about Grant taking the food himself was that it went straight to some of the people in the greatest need.

People are either waiting in their villages hoping food will come or making their way to food distribution centres, but all around the villages is a barren dry countryside with nothing living in it.

Contributions to help the charity Educating Kenyan Orphans can be made by simply sending donations to the address which can be found on out Contact page.


This building was donated to us by Martin from England who gave us Kshs 95,000 and Grace added the rest for the completion. This is the room where the children gather to sing. This room is also used for reading when they borrow books from the library. Also we have a childrens choir from the village who sing in the same room.actually, the room help us a lot since these children can find a place to read and do various activities and we are very grateful for having it.


This second building, we are pleased to let you know that Grace Fay sponsored  its construction to give thanks for the support that Mr.Brian Cooper has been giving to E.K.O and also for the memory of his wife, Marjorie Cooper who always used to donate clothes to children especially the children from Kawagware slums in Nairobi, the Children Angels of God project. so due to the good heart that Brian’s wife had shown to us Grace was really touched and that how she thought its wise to construct the library where Brian could sponsor books for the children to read.Really, we got some books but we are still in need of more books due to the great demand and we are still appealing to all well wishers to support us since we really need to put up as fully furnished Library where both children and adults can come and do their studies, as you know that the costs of books are so high that they can not afford.


This building was put up in memory of Grant’s loving parents who really helped Grace in her cooking Career. The main aim of putting up this kitchen was to help the women in the village know how to cook different dishes and also teach children how to cook various dishes and foodstuff i.e. cakes, biscuits things which they hardly get access to since they hail from poor backgrounds. Therefore this building being in place, the children from the village can at least find a place where they can at least get access to things which they cannot get at home and really they are encouraged and get inspired to in life since they feel appreciated.

May you know that this buiding was constructed with the help of E.K.O’s funds and also with the support of Grant who also contributed for the same. and with the kind support, we are much pleased to have with us a kitchen where both women and the children in the village can train to prepare several dishes which without the kitchen being in place, they wouldn’t have known how to cook and they really appreciate the good work that the E.K.O. is doing to the orphans here in Kenya and also to the kind support that the single mothers are receiving from  E.K.O and may it be known to you that they are really appreciating you and they are praying and thanking God for you hoping that one day you will get an opportunity to come and see for yourselves what your kind donation has done to Kenyan nation and single mothers as well.

Well, Marylyn, we are really glad to inform you about Ntabo Makori and Nyangau Kerubo centre for reading and cookery. Which has been put up at a village called Chonjo at Kerarapon location at Outskirts of Nairobi city.

This centre was put up due to the high demand for a place where children and single mothers could find a place where they could learn as you know that due to financial constraints they could not afford to take their children to school. Therefore, with the help of Grace, this center has been put up in place to meet t he high demand of learning for the children and single mothers of the village and also to help other children find a place where they can do their home work after school and learn several activities too. At the centre, children are well taught since there is a teacher who does all the work of teaching and really they are very happy for that. we thought it wise to name the center after Graces’ mother who really loved children and was very happy about and supportive about the idea of her helping the children go to school and also the uncle who took her to school as a memory of him since she wouldn’t be able to learn and be who she really is today hence the name Ntabo Makori (the mother) Ondieki centre for reading and cookery.

Also we would like to inform you that the centre been in place many children and single mothers can get access to Education since they can learn various things there. Moro ever instead of paying fee to various school where children are taken, now children can be brought at the centre where there are teachers and they get the relevant attention needed and so only the teachers are the ones to be paid for the service and hence helping many children and single mothers as much as possible .And this way we can support many children and single mothers in the village and the county as a whole. 

Nursey School orphans at the Karapon School

           Grace Fay reading "all about Coed Hirwaun         Primary School" - produced by students / staff, for the   Karapon School. Olivia Geddes kneeling with Nursery class children in their brown uniforms