The Trust 'Educating Kenyan Orphans' (EKO) aims to help the growing number of orphans and impoverished children in Kenya.

EKO hopes to support existing schools and, in the future, to fund the building of a school in Kenya.

The charity will fund the education of as many children as possible and to help where it can with the financial support of the teachers in Kenya.

The Trustees:

Grace Fay
Founder and Fundraiser

Grant Fay

Melanie Moulding

Alan Moulding

Ruth Mallon

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Educating Kenyan Orphans /EKO/

The Objectives

  1. To advance the education of the children who have been orphaned mostly by AIDS and those who live in poverty in Kenya, by raising funding to buy educationalmaterials and any other requirements that are requested of us by the schools, particularly in the slum region of Kawangware and the village of Ngong.
  2. In order to relieve the poverty of the orphans and other impoverished children in Kenya, the charity will purchase land and build a school to give a free education to those in need in Kenya.
  3. To aid the education of children who would be barred from school due to curable ailments in Kenya. Funding would be diverted from the main aims of the charity to alleviate the suffering of individual children to pay for medical care.


The charity will not be responsible for the education of the children or training of volunteers

Two of the Trustees are living in Kenya and will administer the donations to the schools which we are supporting.

The Trustees living in Kenya will research the best area for the school we hope to build. The Trustees living in Kenya will select the land and organise the building of the school.

The charity hopes to raise funds to maintain the school, but will seek support from the Education Authority in Nairobi.