The Trust 'Educating Kenyan Orphans' (EKO) aims to help the growing number of orphans and impoverished children in Kenya.

EKO hopes to support existing schools and, in the future, to fund the building of a school in Kenya.

The charity will fund the education of as many children as possible and to help where it can with the financial support of the teachers in Kenya.

The Trustees:

Grace Fay
Founder and Fundraiser

Grant Fay

Melanie Moulding

Alan Moulding

Ruth Mallon

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Told by Grace Fay

She had been out of school for six years looking for someone to pay for her to do teaching course. The centre provides accommodation and Kshs. 500 (£4) only per month. She cleans the centre, hands out books to children and she is there full time if anyone comes to read. Mostly she looks after the property of the centre.

Written by Susan herself:

"I am Susan K. Omwansa, a Kenyan citizen and aged 23 years old. I hail from a humble and God fearing family.

"I sat for my Kenya primary education exams in the year 2000 and passed well and proceeded to secondary school. Since my parents were unable to pay me school fees, well wishers used to pay for me to continue with studies.

"In 2005 I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Though my learning conditions were poor, I managed to attain the mean grade of C-.

"My wish was to join a primary teaching training college, but I didn't join due poverty. Since then I have been handling the lower primary pupils in various private schools. I am waiting for well wishers to sponsor me for further studies.

"While in Nairobi, I found E.K.O centre where Grace Fay wanted someone to voluntarily help to look after the centre. That is where I am at the moment while waiting for well wishers. All in all I hope for the best."


E.K.O has a school fees program that sponsors several young people. Below are profiles of some of these young people.

Told by Grace Fay

Daniel is a 29 years old untrained teacher doing a teacher training course. He is an orphan that E.K.O met in the slums and paid school fees for him. After high school, he found a sponsor from U.K.  who pays fees for his teaching course.

He attends Orthodox International college of Nairobi and he is doing his final year.

As told by Daniel himself:

"My name is Daniel Shisin Omemo. I was born in 1982 in Kakamega District, Western Province, a second born in our family.

"I started my education in Thika School for the blind. Later on I transferred to Kibos School for the blind in Kisumu. I realized I had no father at the age of eight and my mother died in the year 1994 and left three younger siblings.

"Because of this responsibility of having younger siblings, I could not complete my primary education as it was supposed. I did my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) in 1998 whereby I was called to join Thika School for the blind.

"Our family was not able to pay my school fees and so I decided to look for well wishers who could help me with my education. In that process I got a well wisher by the name Mr. Remigious Onyango from Kenya Union of the Blind (K.U.B) who managed only to pay school fees for Form One and Form Two.

"I then dropped out of school in the year 2001 while in Form Two. This was the time things started to become hard for me in that there was no one to help. Our family was not able to make me continue with my secondary education simply because I was living with my maternal grandmother and my mother who was a widow and also poor.

"In the year 2003, I decided to come to Nairobi to live with my aunt who also could not afford to take me back to school.

"May I thank God for the far I have come from and the far I have reached because if it were not his mercy and love I could not have been where I am.

"Although I stayed out of school for seven years, I thank God sending to me a caring and understanding mother, Grace Fay of Educating Kenyan Orphan ( E.K.O) charity.

"The (E.K.O) charity through Grace Fay started to sponsor me towards my secondary education in the year 2007 whereby I started Form Three. I completed my secondary education in 2008 through E.K.O.

"I am now pursuing a certificate in Early Childhood Development and Education (E.C.D.E) which will take two years. I am in the second term of the first year.

"I take this opportunity to thank all who have contributed their money towards (E.K.O) charity so as to shape the lives of the abandoned persons like me. I hope and trust that through E.K.O charity, my life will not be the same again.

"I have been uplifted from ashes to the princes table despite my disability; it cannot hinder me from achieving my dream.

"May God bless E.K.O charity, and again may He bless those who have stood with it financially. More over may God bless Grace Fay for ensuring that the orphaned children in Kenya can achieve their dreams.  God bless you abundantly."

Told by Grace Fay

Geoffrey is 14 years old from a single mother and a family of six. He is now in class eight. His father died 8 years ago. He is the only one who goes to school but he lives with his aunt and he goes to school at Kenyanya Boarding school.

As written by Geoffrey himself:

"I was born in the village of Bosamoro Kebirigo, a sub- location in Nyamira district in Western Kenya in a family of six. I have three brothers and two sisters. I am the third born in our family having fourteen  years and in class eight.

"My father passed away eight years ago and he left me when I was four years old. I delayed going to school because of finances for I used to take care of my young brothers and sisters until I was blessed and supported by Grace Fay of E.K.O and now I am studying in a boarding school. In my class I always top and I believe that I will do much better if supported.

"I hail from a humble background and I am the only one studying in my family due to the support of Grace Fay of E.K.O. My other siblings stay with my relatives and that is why I am studying really hard to be able to support them in future.

"I’m very grateful for your support and I know that I will be able to complete my studies and be a responsible person."

Told by Grace Fay

Shadrak is 12 years old and he is in class six at Kenyanya Boarding school. He is from a single mother and a family of five.

The father died from Road accident and they never found him so they never found the body and his mother could not help him so we found a sponsor for him in the U.K. He is sponsored by Jo and Mark Dixon.  He is a bright boy and he wants to be a doctor and help other children in Kenya.

As written by Shadrak himself:

"I’m Shadrak Morwabe and I’m a Kenyan citizen of age 12. I hail from a humble background of two kids. We are living in the Western part of Kenya in Nyanza province in a town called Nyamira.

"I’m a Kisii by tribe and I’m in standard six. My father passed in the year 2006 and since then my mother is the bread winner but life has been so hard for us since she is jobless.

"Ever since my father passed away it has been so hard for me to continue with my studies since my mother cannot afford to pay my school fees and feed us as well. I was forced to leave school and stay at home until EKO Found  me sponsor who took me   back to school.

"Now I’m progressing well and I’m very much thankful for the support you have given me for without that I could not have made it in life since Education is the key to success.

"God bless you."

Told by Grace Fay

Bevon is 17 years old and in now in year eight in Taita Towett School. His mother was single and died in a road accident and left two children. His sister died two years ago and left him. She had a sponsor from the U.K, Rodden. She died in school from malaria as her illness was not diagnosed quickly enough. Bevon was left. So the Rodden decided to sponsor Bevon. After school he wants to be a policeman.

As written by Bevon himself:

"My name is Bevon Mumbo and I’m a Kenyan citizen aging 17 years old and am Kalenjin by tribe. I live in Kericho town in Rift Valley province."

Told by Grace Fay

Isaac is 16 years old from a single mother and other four children. The mother was married and the husband beat her and cut two of her fingers so she stays in the slum of Ngong called Jerusalem.

E.K.O pays for his fees and he is now in year 8 at Kawethei School.

Told by Grace Fay

This is a true story about Faith. Her mother was single and was pregnant and when she was giving birth to the other child, they both died (mother & child) while going to hospital to have a caesarean operation because the distance from her home to hospital was two hours.

Faith also lived with her grandparents and then her grandfather died. Faith is 15 years old and in class six in a boarding school.

Faith is sponsored by Joanne from U. K. who pays all her school fees and when school is closed she goes to stay with the grandmother in a small town called Kebirigo in Nyamira district.

Note: This is the new girl whom you found a sponsor for and she is the one whom we sent you the picture. Already she has joined the others in school and she is doing well and very grateful for the support she is getting. May the Almighty God bless you.

As written by Faith herself:

"I’m a Kenyan girl of age 15 and am in Standard Five. I’m a Kisii by tribe and I live in the Western part of Kenya in Nyanza province in a town called Kisii. There, I stay with my grandmother who has been taking care of me, since my mother died and I don’t have a father since she was a single mother.

"Hailing from a poor family, I could not be able to go to school till Grace Fay came to be my help with the Educating Kenyan Orphan Organization. Through their help, I am now able to go to school and I’m very happy since I can achieve my goals in life.

"I’m very much grateful for your support and I am hoping that you will enable me complete my studies and become a responsible person and be able to help those who are like me."

Told by Grace Fay

Winnie Motaroki is 15 years old and lives in Kisii district in a small town called MOSEBETI. Her parents died few years back and left Winnie with other 5 children; one boy and four girls. When schools are closed Winnie goes home where she stays with the grand mother. She did her primary examination and did very well and joined a girl’s school last year called Nyahururu Highschool.

Winnie is being sponsored by JO and Mark Dixon who raises £ 300 per year for her fees.

Written by Winnie herself:

"I am Winnie Motaroki and am a Kenyan citizen of age 15 years. I’m a Kisii by tribe and am the last born in the family of five. Am an orphan and I live with my grandmother. Living with my grand mother it was so difficult to look after all of us so I dropped out of school until  EKO found me a sponsor and am very grateful for this."

Below is picture of Winnie Motaroki